Interview with The Game Haus about my Diva Cup tournament


I did an interview that got released earlier today where I address questions about StarCraft 2 being a male dominated scene, female players, my decision for the name, and more! Please take a look and I hope you enjoy the interview! I spent a lot of time writing out responses that would ensure my opinions could not be taken out of context or misconstrued in any way. It was also posted on /r/StarCraft where it peaked at #3 on the front page for a bit. It’s currently the #10 post on the front page at the time of this blog post. I’m very happy to see that it has received 83% upvotes which has also been an average constant. People have reached out to me on twitter and responded with some great feedback. I want to take the time to thank everyone who’s given me support and taken the time to read, retweet, and bring traffic to my tournament! There’s a lot of anxiety involved with any event organizer/host but overall, the feeling of excitement is most prominent! This is my first tournament I’ve ever organized so I hope everything goes smoothly. I have my stream layouts ready and did a dry run off-stream earlier today with Temp0. All it comes down to is remembering to switch everything in a timely manner, although I’m sure it will still seem a bit amateurish. I hope you’ll all bear with me on this journey!

For more information about the tournament, please check out the TL thread:


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